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Breeze Academy: Administrate users & user groups

This session will show you how to export data from all signals available in Breeze. When selecting the data to export you will be presented with a few options and will be able to create Export Data templates.

In today's Breeze Academy we are going to look at how you can add users and set up user groups in Breeze.

To set up a new user account in Breeze you need to be an Administrator i.e. have the administrator level on your on user account.

To add or edit users or user groups you go to top row menu, click on Administrate section > then choose Users.

This page is divided into users, that you can see at the top half – and user groups, that are visible further down on the same page.

Let me first introduce you to the useful tool of User Groups.

Here at the lower part of the page you can see any user groups already created listed.

To edit a group you simply click on “edit” here to the right… 

To set up a new user group you click on “add a new user group” to the right.

Setting up user groups means that you can assign the same user permissions to a whole set of people that need the same level of access. 


Title:  XYZ

Under General > you choose what modules to make available for the user group.

Breeze or Bright, if you have both systems then both are visible and you can make both of them available.

(If you have only one then only one will be visible to you..)

Mobile App> pick what parts to be visible in the app 

Support> add knowledge base = shows calculations behind Breeze


So, now we have created a new user group named “XYZ”. The next step is to create a new user and apply this user group. 

The new user will then get the same user permissions that we’ve already set up for this group.

To create a new user you click on “create new user” at the top right of the user page.

You start by enter the email to the person that you are creating this user account for. 

Then you set their level of access; in this case the “limited user”.

Limited user allows you to tailor the access by choosing the sections you let the user have access to, 

or – like in this case- by applying a user group with most permissions already set.

Admin = all, User = all but admin tab, Limited user = tailored access…

SAVE – and here we see the user name in the list.

In the next step, you set the permissions for this user account, what will this person have access to in the system.. clicking on Permissions

If a person is only involved in certain wind farms or PV plants it’s natural to limit their access to only include those assets.  In this case, let’s say the landowner has 3 turbines on the land.

Next in the field for user groups we select the group we just created, Land Owner.

The permissions we chose for this group are applied and visible as dark grey.

You may create as many users and user groups as you need.

If someone leaves the company you can easily remove their account…

I hope this video was helpful to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact your CSM should you have any questions.

Administrate Users and User Groups

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