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Breeze Academy: Export data in Breeze

This session will show you how to export data from all signals available in Breeze. When selecting the data to export you will be presented with a few options and will be able to create Export Data templates.

On today’s video, we show you how to export data from Breeze. Apart from creating reports in Breeze, you also have the option to export data so that you can use it elsewhere.

To export data from Breeze, you need to go to the Share section and choose Export Data, this will take you to the Export Data page. In the upper part of the page, you can see already exported data. It is possible to download the same data set more than once by clicking on Download. Note that this data set is available until you choose to delete that specific data download by clicking on the Delete button. You also have the possibility to see any export data template that you have already created. Note that the set up for pulling an export and the set up for creating a template are very similar.

Let’s start by creating a template. Click on Create template, pick a Title for your template and decide if you want to export the data for the Entire duration or for a Specific time interval. This is done by clicking in the date field where you can either pick from rolling time intervals (last 3 days, last 12 months, this month, this year…) or customize your time interval. Then it’s time to choose the Devices and of course the Signals, you can choose to export all available signals but you may want to narrow it down to some specific signals that are of interest to you. You can choose to have all this data in one file per device or you can choose to have one file for all devices. You can also choose if you want to have the Status file included or excluded. Concerning the Data resolution, in this video we are creating a monthly template, so the 10-minute values works fine but if you are pulling an export for a longer period, like over several years, then of course you need to adjust the data resolution. In the Error value field, you can choose what you want displayed if there is no value available: NaN (Not a number), but if you use ‘No’ as a value in Excel or MATLAB, then this is the time to enter it. Save the template and exit the page.

You can now see the template that you have just created. Let’s use this template to do a Data export. Click on Export Data, pick a Template and then remember to click on the Load button. This will then populate this export with the choices you made in the template. Note that it is still possible to edit the export. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click on Export Data. The files available for download are in the csv file format, comma separated values, making it easy to import into Excel or MATLAB to do your analysis.

If you have any questions regarding Breeze, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager.

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