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Breeze and WindSim in cooperation on short term power forecasting

Ideally, a grid operator would know seconds, minutes or hours in advance what the power output from wind power will be. With current forecasting and data exchange models this is impossible. The ENERGIX project partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council carried out by WindSim Nowcasting with data input from Breeze aims to make the impossible possible.

Electricity generation from wind has grown annually by double digits for the past decade. With greater penetration, wind’s inherent resource volatility becomes increasingly challenging for transmission and grid operators who need to react quickly to changes in energy output. Ideally, a grid operator would know seconds, minutes and hours in advance what the energy output from wind assets will be – something that has not been possible with existing forecasting and data exchange models. The ENERGIX project aims to make this possible.

ENERGIX is funded by The Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet), and is performed by WindSim with real-time data input from the Breeze wind farm management system.

The ENERGIX project is built around real-time data sources that are seamlessly routed through the Breeze platform to the WindSim Nowcasting forecasting model and the results back into Breeze. The Breeze API (application programming interface) enables owners of wind farms to provide other actors in the value chain with the expected energy output. Nowcasting data provides grid operators with more flexibility to plan transmission capacity and back up generation.

WindSim Nowcasting will combine real time production data with numerical weather prediction, artificial neural networks and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to predict the energy production of turbines for the next minutes and hours. Nowcasting will help inform all decisions related to energy transfer.

Further Applications of Nowcasting

Nowcastings can also be used for performance optimization. Nowcastings, together with more open turbine control systems, will enable turbine owners to develop strategies to optimize production from wind farms as a whole, not just individual turbines, and to reduce blade stress due to turbulence, for example.

The cooperation with WindSim on the ENERGIX project highlights one of many possibilities enabled by Breeze’s powerful API. For more information about Breeze for wind farm management and other API applications, please contact us.

The ENERGIX project commences Q1 2015 and ends Q4 2016.

For Questions

Breeze – Jonas Corné +46 702 25 00 75
WindSim – Catherine Meissner +47 415 99 363 

About WindSim

WindSim AS delivers accurate and proven simulation software and consulting services that enable the wind energy industry worldwide design and operate more profitable wind farms. WindSim software is a world-class solution based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) that combines advanced numeric processing with compelling 3D visualization in a user friendly interface.

About Breeze

Breeze is a modern scalable management system for wind farm owners, operators and asset managers. Real-time data is remotely collected from wind turbines regardless of age, size, model or location, resulting in a single powerful platform to monitor, analyze and benchmark entire wind portfolios.

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