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Pure Energie van Raedthuys choose Breeze for wind farm management

Pure Energie van Raedthuys in the Netherlands is committed to fight climate change and create a sustainable future. They walk the talk by building wind and solar electricity production parks. “Today we are excited to welcome Raedthuys as a user of Breeze” – says Breeze CEO Jonas Corné.

Raedthuys invests in renewable electricity generation and creates financial instruments for the general public to own their own electricity production. Raedthuys currently operates 140 MW of wind power in the Netherlands.

Having been pioneers in renewable energy in what is now one of the most densely populated wind farm countries in the world, Raedthuys early on realized the importance of ICT to manage a growing and diverse portfolio of renewable energy assets. 

Breeze will integrate into a sophisticated operations strategy, tying together production data, forecasts, work order information, meter data and market data with a high degree of automated data exchange.

“Efficient management of renewable energy assets is about people and ICT. We are excited to start using Breeze and we chose Breeze because of the Breeze team’s commitment to be at the forefront of building software to support owners of renewable energy assets,” says Raymond Hutten, business unit manager Energie & Services at Raedthuys.

“Raedthuys is an inspiring company. They are 100% committed to building a company that will lead the way towards a renewable energy future. Their focus on ICT to realize this vision makes it very exciting to announce Raedthuys as a new customer of ours,“ says Jonas Corné, CEO Breeze.

About Raedthuys

Raedthuys develops and operates renewable energy. With expertise in planning, permit procedures, project development, financing and operations the company is well positioned to build for a sustainable future.  Through the ‘Pure Energie’ brand, Raedthuys sells its renewable energy to consumers and businesses throughout the Netherlands. They also encourage the community to invest in and own renewable energy assets.

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