Article - Greenbyte

Translations and Einspeisemanagement curtailment feature on Energy Cloud

Greenbyte is excited to announce that Energy Cloud is now available in four languages and includes the Einspeisemanagement curtailment compensation feature, for the German market.

Greenbyte has been on a steady path of development and expansion around the world. Energy Cloud is essential to wind and solar owners and operators to monitor, plan and analyze their renewable energy data. Greenbyte is an agile, customer-centric organization that is aiming to tailor Energy Cloud to the needs of diverse industry professionals.

Breeze and Bright, the wind and solar components of Greenbyte Energy Cloud are now available in four languages, English, German, French and Spanish, marking the establishment of the global imminence of Greenbyte services.

Moreover, an anticipated feature for the German market is arriving on Greenbyte Energy Cloud, regarding Einspeisemanagement, the non-compensated loss for wind energy production. Energy Cloud’s new feature supports lost production calculations and calculation reports and allows for users to easily and quickly calculate their expected compensation. 

Interested in exploring the new market-specific features? Watch the video.