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February 13 2019 in Product

Introducing: a new fleet of solar signals

Up here in the north, it’s the darkest time of year. While all of us at Greenbyte are anxiously awaiting the return of the sun, we’ve been designing and developing the most powerful version of Bright to date. We’re excited to introduce a new set of solar calculations, unlocking a higher level of accuracy and transparency in the performance of your solar portfolio.

January 23 2019 in Company

EuroCape New Energy France gets on board with Greenbyte Energy Cloud for data management

The renewable energy independent power producer has chosen Greenbyte Energy Cloud for data analysis for their operational wind farms in France as well as the upcoming projects in their pipeline.

January 22 2019 in Product

The Greenbyte recipe for Artificial Intelligence – Part three: Learnings from implementation of Predict and where we go from here

This article series intends to explain how we at Greenbyte use Artificial Intelligence to provide deep insights for operators of wind and solar assets. In part one, we reminisced about the journey that got us to where we are today. In part two, we described how we make our AI services available 24/7, continuously updated, and constantly expanding with our CI/CD pipeline. In this article, part three, we describe our experience from Greenbyte’s first AI offering and discuss upcoming improvements.

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January 20 2019 in Company

Board member Jessica Nordlander nominated for Sweden's most innovative leader

Jessica Nordlander, member of the Greenbyte board and Chief Digital Officer at STS Education is one of the three finalists for the award “Sweden’s most innovative leader”.

January 11 2019 in Company

Hydrocarbons are fuel, wind & solar is technology

Over the weekend I read an interesting blog post entitled "Help wanted: the clean energy industry could really use the skills of tech executives" that got me thinking.

Ebook: Power performance upgrades to wind turbines

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December 27 2018 in Company

2018: the renewable energy record-breaker

As 2018 draws to an end, it marks a record breaking year of growth for renewable energy. Generation went through the roof, investment interest is at an all-time high and coal starts to become a past issue. Greenbyte is bidding 2018 farewell and is looking back at all the broken records in our industry.

Ebook: Constraints to upgrading of wind turbines

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October 18 2018 in Product

The race to 2019 - What’s new in Greenbyte Energy Cloud?

The last sprint of this year will be an explosive one! Greenbyte Energy Cloud will be packed with new features and improvements by the end of 2018 and there is no one more qualified than our Product Manager, Eliane Pohl, to give us the scoop!

October 17 2018 in Company

CGN EE choose Greenbyte Energy Cloud for 900 MW of wind and solar energy

CGN Europe Energy has chosen renewable energy management system Greenbyte Energy Cloud for their wind and solar PV farms. 900 MW of CGN EE's portfolio will be installed and managed in Greenbyte's service.

October 8 2018 in Events

Greenbyte Forum 2018 reflections

As tradition would have it the Greenbyte Forum ended with a sentimental speech by yours truly. Sentimental because so many amazing and intelligent people gathered in one place to talk about renewable energy and Greenbyte’s role in the ongoing revolution to work for a future powered by renewable energy.

October 3 2018 in Product

Predict: Greenbyte Energy Cloud’s new feature identifies wind component failures before they occur

Predict, Greenbyte Energy Cloud’s new innovative feature is now on commercial release and available for new and potential users. Predict enables wind farm operators and owners to avoid unscheduled downtime and decrease unforeseen expenditures.

E-book: Quantifying change in power performance using SCADA data

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