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Increase wind farm returns with one platform

Wind energy software used globally by industry professionals to capture the true potential while optimizing wind farm management and monitoring.


All of your data – in one place

Centralized and intuitive wind asset management

Integrate your entire portfolio with the help of experienced technical experts, establishing secure, remote connections to all your assets and devices.

By aggregating additional data sources, such as wind forecasts and power pricing, your all-in-one data toolbox becomes the key to data-driven decision making. You will be able to track wind farm performance vs. critical metrics on a portfolio-wide basis – both in office and on the go with the mobile app.

You will be able to track wind farm performance vs. critical metrics on a portfolio-wide basis - both in office and on the go with the mobile app.

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MESSAGE SITE ASSET NAME Stops and warnings last 24 hours POWER PRODUCTION VS. BUDGET 96.2 PERF. 98.24% TIME AVAIL. 6.38 WIND 97247 MWh PRODUCTION Analyze portfolio


Stay on top of the game with proactive fleet-wide monitoring

Detect anomalies early and stay in control

Stay on top of your wind assets with customizable dashbo- ards and widgets designed to present and visualize your entire fleet or just a few megawatts worth.

With Customizable Alerts, Greenbyte platform works for your portfolio, detecting critical issues you might have missed otherwise. Greenbyte sophisticated predictive analytics tool, based on AI, is designed to highlight temperature deviations that may indicate failures, months in advance - making sure you are always one step ahead.

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Optimized wind farm management is just around the corner

Extract value, pinpoint issues and reveal opportunities

Track portfolio-wide key metrics to get insight into perfor- mance at every level. Easily detect areas for optimization or underperformance with an advanced wind power monitoring system. Reveal the factors behind lost production to unlock an increased understanding of performance, on portfolio level and of individual components.

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Exceed expectations with a new level of productivity

Amp up wind energy production with a customizable system

Streamline workflows by letting information flow between rele- vant systems, stakeholders and 3rd parties. Acknowledge that wind operators and asset managers have different needs, by using highly customizable reports built around the same data. Make sure that the whole team is up to speed, by sharing key metrics on-the-go through the user-friendly mobile application and enhance productivity and coordination with the powerful task management tool.

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